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Kindle Fire Security Apps

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Kindle Fire Security apps will help you learn the different ways to secure your Kindle. Are you one of the millions that own a Kindle Fire?  If so, its important to start learning how to secure and protect your Amazon tablet before you install private documents or have your emails sync to your device. They are tons of apps that can help with the security measure. Learn more about Kindle Fire tricks and tips. 

The Kindle Fire tablets already come with a built in password lock. The application is called, "lock it". If your Kindle gets stolen or you loose it the person that finds your Kindle could potentially read all of your private information.

They will be expose to your documents, emails, Facebook, and other accounts your might have sync to your device. Using lock it will give you the peace of mind because its a feature that is set to a password to access it. This built it security measure will help prevent any unauthorized user from getting to your personal information. 

To activate lock it you'll need to navigate to the setting toolbar. To find the toolbar swipe down from the top of the bar. Select the icon with the plus sign that say, "more". Tap Security, then turn on Lock Screen Password.   Enter a password easy to remember. You'll be require to enter it a second time to confirm. You are now set with a secure password. 

Kindle Fire Security For Kids

The Kindle Fire tablet was not only designed for the enjoyment of adults or parents, but they should also be a fun gadget for the kids.  Your next concern might be the search for Kindle Fire security for kids to specify the limitations as to which apps and features your children could use including the length of time they can use your device. 

Here are some of my favorite Kindle Fire security apps: 

Kindle Tracker is another great security app for your Kindle. The app is very easy to use and navigate. The app FollowMee Kindle Tracker uses Wi-Fi to bring location service to the Kindle Fire. The app will help you keep track of your Kindle's location. 

The first thing you must do is download and install the app. Once you download the app your ask to registered with which then you will create a username and password. 

When the app is install it secretly starts recording every Wi-Fi hotspot that the Kindle connects. The best part of it the information is uploaded to a secure server. By accessing any web browser you'll navigate to website and you'll have access to your Kindle location. They will provide you with a location using a map or satellite. 

Another one of my favorite security apps for the Kindle is, Smart APP Protector. This app will secure a safe place while using your Kindle. One of the great feature is registering certain applications to be password protected.

Using smart app protector you can now keep all your photos, books, web, magazines, documents, email, and much more secure. Is very useful when you lend your device to a friend if they find themselves snooping through your Kindle they would need a password to have access to your photos or anything else you need protected at the given moment.

In order to prepare your Kindle from malicious malware and viruses I recommend Norton Mobile Security Lite. (Kindle Tablet Edition)

This app will protect your device from malware, viruses and other major threats. In addition, it will detect and remove any security threat. It eliminates the chances of anyone stealing personal information or take control over your Kindle Fire Tablet. I have been using Norton on my computer for years. I was very excited when I found the same product for my Kindle. 

If you are looking for a secure place to store your personal information, passwords, documents, records, and other general information the Master Lock Vault is a trusted brand.

 This free app will help you store just about anything you have confidential in one place. In addition, you'll receive 1GB of free storage so you can secure your documents. The site is very user friendly and they will organize your information for easy access. 

Using these Kindle Fire security apps will protect and secure your tablet. I will be updating the list of any new apps. Don't miss out on any new content. Sign up for our Kindle Tips Newsletter for new content. 

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